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Welcome to my website

 A Welcome Message

I want to welcome you to my blog and website. I hope that we can become friends via the net. My interest is in children’s education. I am an educator and writer. I love to go to schools and present stories to children. My goal is to get children excited about reading. Recently, I started teaching parenting classes. In the past, I had a column in my local newspaper where I responded to questions from parents.

Blogging is new to me. Be patient.






Don’t Leave Children in Parked Cars


Barkley takes a dip when the temperature rises. His friend has joined him.

Barkley takes a dip when the temperature rises. His friend has joined him.



I just read an article this morning about the importance of not leaving children in parked cars. According to the article, a dozen children have died this year after being left in hot cars. Many times, the parent forgot that the child was in the back seat.  Here are some ways to help remember.

  • Leave a purse, phone, or wallet in the backseat so you have to turn around before exiting the car.
  • Always take your child out of the car first when unloading groceries or other items.


A New Experience

                                                                          My First Time Riding in a Big Rig

I have spent thGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAe last eight months working with a diverse student population at Gaston College. One of the programs was truck driver students. A grant provided training to a selected number of applicants that were unemployed or underemployed in NC. It was a new and exciting experience to see these individuals develop employable skills in 8 1/2 weeks. All of the students have found jobs with good salaries. The photo is of me taking my first ride in a “Big Rig!”