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I’ve always had a need to write. Over the years, I’ve written lots of stories. At times, I attempted to get them published. But, my family and work-related responsibilities came first and my dream of being a published writer seemed like an unreachable goal.

I grew up in a large Southern family. My dad was a welder and my mother was a homemaker. As the oldest child, I spent many hours each week taking care of my brothers and sisters. (They say that I am still bossy)! I think my experiences babysitting led me to seek a degree in education.
I majored in education. After completing my graduate work, I secured a position as a college instructor at Gaston College.

While teaching a class in children’s literature, I assigned my students to write a children’s story. I shared my own life-long dream of publishing a book with the students. After class, one of the students issued me a challenge to re-send my manuscript to a publisher. Before the end of the semester, I had been contacted by an editor. After that, it happened pretty quickly. My first book, Sunbeam, was published in 2009.

Since that time, I have written additional manuscripts. But, my day job kept me from spending the time to attempt to get anything else published. After retiring recently, I finally found the time to spend on my love of writing.
Currently, I enjoy visiting schools and preschools and sharing stories. I teach Sunday School and parenting classes.

My husband, Garry, and I take day trips in our truck! We live between the mountains and the coast. It is fun to go out our door with no real plan for the day. My daughter, Kimberly, and I are walking buddies. I don’t have any grandchildren, but I am the grandmother to two Golden Retrievers, Jeb and Gabby.






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