Book Information

Barkley’s Great Escape

Barkley in yard


Barkley finds a way to sneak out of his lot. At first, he has fun exploring. But, the neighbor’s  swimming pool enticed him to take a dip. Unfortunately, his good time comes to an end when he cannot find the steps to get back out. Barkley’s situation opens up great discussion with children about water safety and following rules. I’ve received good feedback from classroom teachers and media specialists. It includes a list of ways to take care of a pet. I hope that you enjoy reading it.  The book will be released in December 2014.




Sunbeam, an American Saddle-bred, is delivered to Kim’s house by mistake. Kim is a young girl that dreams of being a cowgirl. As the horse is unloaded from the trailer, she thinks her dream has come true. But her happiness soon turns to despair when the error is recognized. When her father learns about the mistake he drives the family out to the stables to take a look at the champion horse.  The visit to the stables provides unexpected opportunities. This book includes a list of teaching strategies. I hope that you will enjoy reading this book. It is based on a true story.


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