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The background is the NC Mountains.



The list below are prepared for classroom teachers of Preschool  – Third Grade

The Power of Books
SenseSational Classrooms
Family Friendly Environments

Before I begin to read the story, I get into the role of the character by putting on my cowboy hat, boots, and leather vest. I show the children my stick horse and demonstrate riding my pretend horse around the room. After the story, we discuss different aspects of the book. The story is geared for the 4-6 year old child.

Barkley’s Great Escape
The children feel for Barkley as he discovers that he cannot find his way out of the pool. They are riveted by the urgency of Barkley’s precarious situation. After the story ends, we talk about water safety. What did Barkley do wrong? This story is for the 4-6 year old.

Welcome to Champion Gait
The children feel close to the young foal and calf that are born at the farm. Through the story, they are able to understand why both of the animals need support to live a quality life. The story helps the children to understand why many children need adaptations to be successful. As a follow-up to the story, I carry a pair of glasses, crutches, and a hearing aid to begin a light discussion on special needs. This story is geared for the 4-8 year old.



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